The one & only Juliet

Delena Endgame Foreshadows

  1. “When I touched you I saw a crow. A crow, fog and a man. I have this feeling that it’s just the beginning” 1x03
  2. “If you want to be with someone forever, you have to live forever.” 1x11
  3. “Why do you get a happy ending, why do you get it and I don’t?” 1x14
  4. ” You hate me huh? That sounds like the beginning of a love story Stefan, not the end of one.”  & “I hate him, Stefan.” 2x01
  5. “When it’s real you can’t walk away.” 1x11
  6. “I’ve made a lot of choices that have gotten me here but it’s okay because if I had chosen differently, I wouldn’t have met you” 2x22
  7. “I wanted it to be real.” 1x14
  8. “I’m fine with her either way, brother.” 4x05 & Whether you are now reading this as a human or a vampire, I love you all the same as I’ve always loved you and always will” 2x21
  9. “Damon..when I’m with him he just consumes me.” 3x16 & “You want a love that consumes you…” 3x22
  10.  ”It’s not just that she makes him a better person. She does, but, he changes her too. Damon challenges her, surprises her. He makes her question her life, beliefs. Stefan is different. His love is pure and he’ll always be good for her. Damon is either the best thing for her or the worst.” 3x19

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I honestly don’t know…

Home Alone

Home alone and bored out of my fucking mind. So what do I do?

Invite a millions friends over to party? Nope.

Sneak into my Dads beer? Nope.

Do the dishes, take the trash out, and do homework and study? Yep.

I really need a hobby…

“Is there anything you love so much, you’d protect it? No matter the cost, the damage it did to you?”
— Jackson Teller (via emilyeverlasting)
Me and my brother
Me: Go get me a fifth of Tequila!
My brother: No, your underage!
Me: If you don't go get me a fifth, I'll tell your wife what blond you were with Friday night....
*My brother things this over*
My brother: How many fifths of Tequila do you want, to keep your mouth shut?
Me: That's what I thought, haha.
He loves me.